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Ranking The Top 30 Courts In College Basketball

Duke isn’t first here but Allen Field House is no day at the beach either.

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South Dakota v Duke
DURHAM, NC - DECEMBER 02: Cameron Crazies and fans of the Duke Blue Devils try to distract Austin Sparks #45 of the South Dakota Coyotes during a free-throw attempt at Cameron Indoor Stadium on December 2, 2017 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Busting the Brackets rates the Top 30 home courts in college basketball and puts Duke at #2, with Kansas taking the #1 spot.

Reasonable minds can disagree here. We know Kansas is an incredible place to watch college basketball. We’d love to get there someday and Xavier and Gonzaga too.

Here are some of the schools that really interested us.

  • 22 - Grand Canyon
  • 15 - Maryland
  • 13 - Louisville
  • 10 - IU
  • 9 - Butler
  • 8 - UNC
  • 7 - Syracuse
  • 2 - Duke
  • 1 - Syracuse

We got a sense of Grand Canyon when they came to Cameron and brought a raucous crowd including the single loudest fan we’ve ever heard. No one who was there could ever forget that woman. She was incredible. Consider this: Grand Canyon is higher than Arizona on this list. That’s really impressive.

Maryland should be higher but the program is not what it was as a member of the ACC. The Big Ten just isn’t as exciting or as good.

Louisville...what a mess. The fans are passionate though and the Cards will be back. The return will be interesting to watch.

Indiana? Total respect. We fully expect Archie Miller to build a monster program there.

We’ve felt a bond with Butler ever since the 2010 title game which could have just as easily have had co-champs. Love the Bulldogs.

We listen to UNC on the radio a fair amount and though it is better than it used to be, if you can hear shoes squeak, it shouldn’t be Top Ten.

Syracuse is tough if an odd place. It’s huge yet the bond between town and team make for an odd kind of intimacy. And it’s particularly great when Duke shows up.

Kansas is probably Cameron’s only real equal on this list but we’d still love to hit Hinkle sometime. That place reeks of history and legend.

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