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Cal, UK Staff Not Happy With DJ Jeffries

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This could get rough for the kid before it’s over.

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Kansas State v Kentucky
“Lexington is this way, Jeffries!”
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As you might have imagined, the decision by RJ Jeffries to reopen his commitment sparked outrage in Lexington - but we didn't necessarily expect it from John Calipari and company.

According to Jeffries’ father, the Prince of the Bluegrass wasn’t the gentle cuddly fellow he was when he was recruiting his son. No, Calipari and his staff apparently got hot:

“We talked with Kentucky and it kind of shocked me. They were kind of unprofessional,” Jeffries said, according to “They didn’t handle the news the way I expected them to handle it.”

Well, they are from Kentucky. What could you have possibly expected from the capital of basketball entitlement?

In fairness though, while we can imagine a coach handling it better - the passive-aggressive Cal is not celebrated for his emotional stability - we can’t imagine a coach not being upset about this move. He thought he was set on the kid and now has to start over.

Even so, it sounds like he didn’t handle things well and that’s too bad. Among other things, it sets a template for Kentucky fans and that’s frankly dangerous. You will recall how they came after Tim Higgins after he officiated an NCAA loss to UNC - one Calipari blamed on the officiating. Higgins’ received death threats, his roofing business was hit with negative reviews and he needed a bodyguard for his next game.

You may also recall some time ago a woman in Lexington was in a fender bender with a player and was pressure to drop charges and just absorb the damages herself.

So we’re guessing the kid, and maybe his dad, have received their share of abuse by now, up to and including death threats.

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