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Duke Recruiting: Nico Mannion Reclassifies

And Duke appears to be in it.

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Dec 9, 2017; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Nico Mannion and Phoenix Pinnacle High School take on Clark High during the AFI Hoophall West at Chaparral High School
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Phoenix point guard Nico Mannion has decided to reclassify and will be signing for 2019 instead of 2020.

And while it’s way too early to get too excited about this, the Arizona Daily Star reports that Mannion is likely to choose between Duke and Arizona. He fits a certain Duke profile: his father is Pace Mannion, who played for Utah, in the NBA and later in Italy, where he met his wife (Nico is short for Niccolo).

Arizona typically gets the pick of Arizona kids but things change a bit when you get to Phoenix because of Arizona State. UA has owned ASU for decades in most sports but more importantly, Phoenix is not in the Tucson bubble. Tucson has one fan base. There’s not a huge interest in the Cardinals, the Diamondbacks or the Suns, and virtually none in any other college program.

For a Triangle fan it’s very strange. There’s no back and forth, there’s only affirmation or joint despair.

And of course Arizona may or may not be out of the woods when it comes to the NCAA/FBI investigation so this should be pretty interesting as it plays out.

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