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How To Handle Recruiting Correctly: A Great Example

Every prospect should be so lucky

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High School Basketball: McDonalds High School All American Games
Mar 28, 2018; Atlanta, GA, USA; A wide angle general view of the basketballs on the ball rack before the start of the McDonalds High School All American Game at Philips Arena. 
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Given what we know about recruiting, what would you do if your son was a major target?

We know what we’d do: keep him away from the sleaze and the flesh peddlers as much as possible.

So we’re really impressed with how Jaden McDaniels’ father has structured his recruiting.

McDaniels has come on incredibly fast and now everyone, including Duke, is after him.

But everything goes through dad. The coaches and the sleazes don’t get much of a chance to get to the kid.

Will McDaniels says this: “I feel like, after the coach has made his introduction to my son, if you’re talking to anything about this young man, who is 17 years old, who you want attending your university, then you need to be talking to his mom or his dad. People think because these kids can play basketball well that they’re smart enough to have adult conversations, but they’re really not. A lot of them can speak well and do different things, but they’re still kids.”

That’s pretty refreshing. So many families seem to look at their talented children as meal tickets. There is definitely a sleazy aspect to recruiting but parents are in a position to say: not my kid.

This kid is lucky to have a dad like that.

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