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Duke Recruiting: Majok Deng Cuts His List

Pretty big at 12 but Duke is still listed.

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It’s a long way from Tucson to Durham. Could Majok Deng make the trek?
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Could Duke get another Deng? Six-foot-five Tucsonan Majok Deng has the Blue Devils on his reduced list of 12.

Also listed: Vanderbilt, Ohio State, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Northwestern, Rice, Princeton, Utah and Arizona.

We don’t know anything bout Deng but most of his schools - Duke, Vandy, Cal, Stanford, Tech, Northwestern and Rice - are serious academic institutions so presumably he’s a guy who values education.

However, getting him out of Tucson won’t be that easy. Like Kentucky or West Virginia, there’s a regional pride at play in Tucson. Local athletes (think Mike Bibby and Sean Elliott) tend to stay close.

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