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Duke Baseball Wins First NCAA Game Since 1961

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

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FILE PHOTO  40th Anniversary Of Cuban Missile Crisis
Last time Duke won a national championship, John Kennedy was a young and new president.
Photo by Getty Images

You won't see this too often: Down 8-5 in the 9th to Campbell on the verge of elimination, Duke baseball came back on an epic 11-run rally to win 16-8.

It was Duke’s first win in the NCAA tournament since 1961. Consider how much has changed. John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were all young and still alive. Herbert Hoover was still alive. John Glenn had not yet gone into orbit. UNIVAC was the cutting edge in electronics. Phones were firmly chained to the wall. Jim Crow laws were still in place in many American states.

It’s been a long time, in other words. Congratulations to the baseball team for the breakthrough win and not least of all for the massive comeback.

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