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Boeheim’s Big Challenge

Everyone is going to have to buy in.

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Syracuse vs Duke
Ths next season Boeheim has a major challenge on his hands.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

You may or may not know that Jim Boeheim signed his kid Buddy who will begin at Syracuse this fall.

What’s fascinating about this is how the father/son dynamic works out and not just between the two of them either.

Obviously Buddy’s going to have a different relationship with his coach than anyone else will and if his teammates don't accept that there will be problems.

Al McGuire, being Al McGuire, had a great solution to this when he was coaching his son at Marquette.

Look, he said, he’s the coach’s kid. He’s going to play, period, and if you want to take his spot you’re going to have to play really hard and really well.

Everyone understood and the team did very well.

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