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Some Post Draft Articles About Duke’s Guys

Who knew Rick Morrisey was such a yutz?

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NCAA Basketball: Elon University at Duke
Nov 10, 2017; Durham, NC, USA; The Duke Blue Devils starters (left to right) forward Wendell Carter Jr.(34) along with forward Marvin Bagley III (35) and guard Grayson Allen(3) and guard Gary Trent Jr. (2) and guard Trevon Duval (1) wait to be announced prior to a game against the Elon Phoenix at Cameron Indoor Stadium. 
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Over at the Deseret News, Jody Genessy is trying to get used to the idea of Grayson Allen as a member of the Utah Jazz. Eventually he and the town will fall for Grayson like Duke fans did but it may take a bit to see what is so special. He's probably a perfect fit for that town and could only be better if he converted to Mormonism.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Rick Morrisey, a self-confessed Duke hater, has pretty low expectations for Wendell Carter which reflect his low general opinion of Duke.

Here’s a question for Morrisey: if Duke continues to underachieve in the NBA, how does it continue to overachieve in college?

Here’s another question for Morrisey: aside from Jason Williams’ stunning lack of judgment about his motorcycle, how many other Duke guys have caused Chicago a minute of worry or embarrassment?

Carter will be fine. And maybe if Morrisey stops judging him the day after the draft, he’ll be happier too.

Meanwhile, Sacramento, having drafted Marvin Bagley, is trying to figure out what it wants to do with him. Shouldn’t be too hard.

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