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Latest DBR Podcast - NBA Draft Wrapup

You know you want it so here it is.

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NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Heeere’s the podcast!

  • 0:00 Thanks to Byrd Campbell
  • 0:30 Jason welcomes Donald to this NBA Draft pod. The theme is “Free Fallin’”
  • 1:40 We are joined by a special guest, one of the DBR posters when it comes to the NBA, CDu (Mickey Wilson).
  • 2:45 How the NBA shunning Trevon Duval messed up our podcast plans.
  • 3:40 Marvin Bagley goes #2. We are not surprised and wonder what this might say about Harry Giles’ future in Sacto.
  • 5:55 Jason wants to talk about interviews and outfits.
  • 7:55 Mickey celebrates his Chicago Bulls getting Wendell Carter and talks about how well Carter fits on the Bulls.
  • 10:05 Jason continues talking about really important stuff as he focuses on Carter’s clothes and other silliness.
  • 11:30 Jason gives us some amazing stats about how well K has done producing high draft picks.
  • 13:05 Grayson gets to play for Quin. Donald likes the way Donovan Mitchell embraced Grayson.
  • 18:20 Final thoughts on round #1 – Mickey says Carter may be the steal of the draft.
  • 19:30 Round #1 thoughts – Jason talks about Jerome Robinson and Josh Okogie, two ACC guys who had a much better than expected night… and also reflects on the dramatic fall of Michael Porter.
  • 22:10 Round #1 thoughs – Donald is impressed with the pick of Kevin Huerter.
  • 23:25 We move on to round 2 and Gary Trent landing in Sacto… I mean Portland. Mickey says this is a really good fit for Gary.
  • 26:40 Donald talks about how being a 2nd rounder is going to motivate Trent.
  • 29:30 Duval goes undrafted… it is both stunning and also makes a lot of sense.
  • 35:30 Jason lays out the myriad of Duke connections to NBA front-offices, which means Duval had to know his stock was not great.
  • 40:40 Donald says the two most important words for Trevon Duval are, “Summer League!”
  • 41:20 Jason talks about all the guys who entered the NBA early and then didn’t get drafted… it is quite a list.
  • 43:20 Goodbye and Duke band

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