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Predictions for Blue Devils in 2018 NBA Draft

Marvin Bagley III is expected to go high, but what about the rest?

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The 2018 NBA Draft takes place tonight at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn (7:00pm ET, ESPN), and a lot of the dust is already starting to settle around the top few picks. It’s widely assumed that Arizona Wildcats forward DeAndre Ayton will be the first guy to hear his name called by Commissioner Adam Silver, while Real Madrid guard Luca Doncic could possibly go second.

But, what about the Duke Blue Devils that are expected to hear their name called? For Marvin Bagley III, Wendell Carter, Jr., Gary Trent, Jr., Trevon Duval, and Grayson Allen, it could be a great night as they each officially become a member of the National Basketball Association. When will they hear their name called, and what team will likely secure their services? Let’s examine the possibilities. But first, a reminder of the draft order:

2018 NBA Draft

Pick Round 1 Pick Round 2
Pick Round 1 Pick Round 2
1 Phoenix Suns 31 Phoenix
2 Sacramento Kings 32 Memphis
3 Atlanta Hawks 33 Dallas
4 Memphis Grizzlies 34 Atlanta
5 Dallas Mavericks 35 Orlando
6 Orlando Magic 36 New York
7 Chicago Bulls 37 Sacramento
8 Cleveland Cavaliers 38 Philadelphia
9 New York Knicks 39 Philadelphia
10 Philadelphia 76ers 40 Brooklyn
11 Charlotte Hornets 41 Orlando
12 Los Angeles Clippers 42 Detroit Pistons
13 LA Clippers 43 Denver
14 Denver Nuggets 44 Washington
15 Washington Wizards 45 Brooklyn
16 Phoenix 46 Houston Rockets
17 Milwaukee Bucks 47 LA Lakers
18 San Antonio Spurs 48 Minnesota
19 Atlanta 49 San Antonio
20 Minnesota Timberwolves 50 Indiana
21 Utah Jazz 51 New Orleans Pelicans
22 Chicago 52 Utah
23 Indiana Pacers 53 Oklahoma City Thunder
24 Portland Trailblazers 54 Dallas
25 Los Angeles Lakers 55 Charlotte
26 Philadelphia 56 Philadelphia
27 Boston Celtics 57 Oklahoma City
28 Golden State Warriors 58 Denver
29 Brooklyn Nets 59 Phoenix
30 Atlanta 60 Philadelphia

Marvin Bagley III

Range: 1-4

Best Bet: Atlanta Hawks (3)

Marvin Bagley III is arguably the best player in the draft, but the best player doesn’t always go first. Or second. While Bagley has an outside chance at going before Ayton or Doncic, but it’s most likely that he ends up being the third pick and heading to Atlanta. With all the gushing over his offensive skill set, it’s his defense that has been most questioned. If he falls to the Hawks, my guess is they won’t hesitate to grab him and make him the focal point of their future core. He would also join fellow member of The Brotherhood Miles Plumlee.

Wendell Carter, Jr.

Range: 5-9

Best Bet: Chicago Bulls (7)

Wendell Carter is ready to go to a team that needs an interior presence, defense, and rebounding. That likely means a match with the Bulls, who are looking for that big man who can provide all that. If for some reason Chicago passes on Carter, there’s probably very little chance he makes it past the New York Knickerbockers at 9.

Gary Trent, Jr.

Range: 19-32

Best Bet: Minnesota Timberwolves (20)

Gary Trent may be the question mark of the first round. He’s got first round shooting ability, but he feels he wasn’t able to fully showcase his athleticism at Duke. If he heads to a good situation, he would be able to maybe use his shooting ability to help a team and have his athleticism and defense keep him on the court. Minnesota may be the best bet here, and he would join fellow Blue Devils Tyus Jones and Amile Jefferson in Minneapolis.

Trevon Duval

Range: 28-38

Best Bet: Dallas Mavericks (33)

This will be the most intriguing question of the night: does Trevon Duval get drafted in the first round? He really could fall anywhere from the end of the first round to the early part of the second round. He grades out well as far as athleticism, but he would have to improve with his ball security and his shot. My guess is he slips into the second round but to a great situation for him in Dallas, who would need a point guard to back up Dennis Smith, Jr. that has a similar skill set.

Grayson Allen

Range: 17-30

Best Bet: Philadelphia 76ers (26)

Grayson Allen is a champion. He’s a scorer, he’s athletic, he can handle the ball, and he can shoot from deep. I think because of those attributes, he will wind up in a great situation late in the first round. Philadelphia will need a shooter to possibly replace former Blue Devil J.J. Redick if he leaves in free agency. Allen will be the perfect draft pick for a team that has several in this year’s draft.

There’s only one way to find out where everyone of the Duke players in the 2018 NBA Draft end up. Tune to ESPN tonight at 7:00pm Eastern to see what happens. No matter what, five Blue Devils being drafted will mean a wonderful night for the program.