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Gary Parrish’s Mock NBA Draft Has Three Blue Devils Going In The First Round

It’s all guesswork until Thursday

Duke v North Carolina
CHAPEL HILL, NC - FEBRUARY 08: Luke Maye #32 of the North Carolina Tar Heels goes after a loose ball against teammates Marvin Bagley III #35 and Wendell Carter Jr #34 of the Duke Blue Devils during their game at Dean Smith Center on February 8, 2018 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Gary Parrish has his updated mock draft out and it’s an interesting take. Here’s where he see’s Duke’s guys going (first round only).

  • Marvin Bagley - #2 to Sacramento
  • Wendell Carter - #8 to Cleveland
  • Grayson Allen - #26 to Philadelphia

He also sees Georgia Tech’s Josh Okogie going at #23 to Indiana.

Not listed in his first round: Duke’s Gary Trent and BC’s Jerome Robinson. Robinson in particular is seen as rising by many.

A reporter’s mock draft is pretty insignificant really and everything is a crap shoot until it happens. and we’ll admit to running hot and cold on Parrish. At times he says some pretty dumb things. However he did say something recently that was hard to ignore because it was just basically smart and insightful.

At some point, he said, you just have to look at guys who can ball. They might not be as quick or as big or whatever it comes down to, but if you can play you can play. And at some point, guys who can play rise to the top.

And we’ll say this for Parrish too: after watching Marvin Bagley for a year, it blows our mind that people think he’s a question mark. We’ve never seen anyone quite like him and keep in mind that he should be a freshman this year, not last. He does things that we’ve never seen a guy his size do around the basket and he can handle the basketball, shoot, and really there are no particular limitations on his development other than physical maturation.

Parrish has steadily said that he thinks that Bagley should be the top pick in the draft. DeAndre Ayton gives us pause but if we had to pick? We’d stick with Bagley. In five years this guy is going to be something else.