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So Grayson Allen Met His Senatorial Doppelganger

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2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 1
Senator Allen?
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Grayson Allen/Ted Cruz meme has been going on for a good while now (if you missed it it’s that they allegedly look a lot alike) and the two finally met this weekend.

Maybe it’s the shades but we just don’t see it.

This was a lead in to the one-on-one game between Senator Cruz and TV’s Jimmy Kimmel.

The two of them got into it a bit and refreshingly, rather than just yell at each other, had a bit of fun with it and scheduled the game to raise money for charity.

Kimmel went to his left effectively but Cruz drove hard to his right and won 11-9.

The game was supposed to go to 15 but it took 80 minutes to get to 11 and at a certain point they agreed to not torment the assembled any longer - bipartisanship lives.

The most impressive thing? Neither guy ended up in the ER.

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