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A Great Story From This Year’s K Academy

Duke fans will enjoy this

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San Francisco v Gonzaga Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Good writing should pull you in and we have to say this very cool piece by Sarah Goswick does that.

A Durham native and a seriously obsessed Duke fan (we approve by the way), Goswick took her hard-earned money and just did what the hell she wanted to do with it, which is what anyone should do with the fruits of their labors.

In her case, what Goswick wanted to do was to to K Academy. How cool is that?

The whole story is really cool, smartly written, and while there are plenty of highlights, it would be hard to top hitting a three in Cameron.

She’s not the first woman to attend, she’s the second, but she’s the first to score.

It’s a fun read and don’t forget to check out the pictures. There is fun stuff there too.

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