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Happy Father‘s Day To Chris Carrawell

C-well is living his life the right way.

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C. Carrawell #23
Chris Carrawell at Duke, operating on the Florida Gators

We’ve talked a lot over the years about how much we admire Chris Carrawell and his mother, Joanne Hayes, who raised Carrawell and his siblings in a tough St. Louis neighborhood. We can’t find this to verify it but as we recall, all of Carrawell’s siblings went to college except for one who joined the Navy.

Anyway, Mrs. Hayes did it on her own and Carrawell, who only met his father when he was a Duke senior, has long been determined not to repeat his own father’s mistakes.

He has two boys of his own now and he’s been a solid and loving dad. As he told Barry Jacobs, “[s]omebody had to break the cycle. I don’t want another group of men, black men, growing up without a father.”

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