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Carrawell On K, Duke, What’s Changed And What’s The Same

With C-well back in town, things are inherently more interesting and lively.

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Chris Carrawell #23...
Chris Carrawell defending as a Duke Blue Devil

As much as we enjoy listening to Coach K’s idiosyncratic thoughts when he speaks, we enjoy Chris Carrawell about as much and are really glad he’s back in town.

Carrawell, who took Jeff Capel’s position when Capel accepted the Pitt job, always speaks his mind, plus he can be extremely funny.

We watched him one time at a preseason press conference and when he was done, the reporters all patted him on the back and thanked him for both his candor and humor.

So here’s C-well speaking to the N&O with his usual mix of humor and candor.

The great thing about him is neither is tactical. It’s just who the guy is.

Here’s a tribute we posted at the end of his Duke career. It’s a list of some of his greatest quotes while he was at Duke. Some of these are truly magnificent.

Also, some of the formatting may have been damaged in the various server moves we made since 2001. But the comments are great and some of them are absolute gold, not least of all his serial taunts of former UNC star Ed Cota.

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