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The Best Bubas Piece We’ve Seen

Nice work from Jim Sumner.

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Temple v Duke
Vic Bubas’s fingerprints are all over Cameron Indoor Stadium, including the band.
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Since Vic Bubas died recently we’ve seen a lot of columns along with learning some things we never knew about the man and the indelible era he created at Duke.

We haven’t seen anything better than this article by Jim Sumner though.

We just really enjoyed this.

The thing about the Bubas era that doesn't really come across is just how much fun it was. It was high-scoring, fresh and exciting. It wasn't the birth of Duke basketball but it was birth of greatness for Duke basketball.

Incidentally, speaking of Jim, he just had a birthday, so 1-2-3...happy birthday Jim!

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