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Duke Basketball Recruiting: The Son Also Rises

Greg Anthony’s son, Cole, is making a very big impression as a high school junior.

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Greg Anthony
Cole Anthony’s father, Greg, during his UNLV career

Cole Anthony is one of the bigger names in the junior class. He’s considering Duke and a number of other schools, possibly iincluding Pitt, where Jeff Capel has continued to recruit him after leaving Duke.

Here’s a look at Anthony’s game. You’ll see he’s physically mature ahead of the curve and has a good feel for the game.

That’s probably not a big surprise.

His father is UNLV legend Greg Anthony. You’ll remember that Anthony was part of the great UNLV team of 1990-91, the one that beat Duke by 30 in the 1990 finals but was upset by the Blue Devils a year later.

He went on to a solid NBA career and then became a CBS analyst.

We have no idea where Cole will end up but as we’ve seen in the past, Duke has an affinity for guys whose families have a history with the game.

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