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Coach K Meets The Press

As usual, he thinks for himself and has interesting things to say and this time, about himself too.

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Duke v Kansas
Compare the way Coach K looks here to how he looked Wednesday. He looks like a new man.
Photo by Justin Heiman/Getty Images

Coach K talked to the media Wednesday and roamed a good bit, talking about a number of things.

He touched on last year’s team, his new team, who will be this team’s leader (him for the moment), his reconstructed staff, the upcoming Canadian tour and, most interestingly to us, his own energy.

He said that between his health, which is as good as it’s been for a long time, and not having his old second job with USA Basketball, his energy is off the charts.

It was really vintage K and well worth watching.

Also, Tre Jones is in town and people wanted to talk to him also. Here is some video as well.

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