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Chris Carrawell Comments On The Passing Of James Hampton

His son also plays for Team United.

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basketball goal Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As you probably have heard by now, James Hampton, a senior from Charlotte, collapsed and died during an AAU event Saturday.

On Sunday, saying that Hampton would have wanted them to, his Team United teammates played and scored an immensely passionate and emotional victory over All Ohio.

Among the attendees both Saturday and Sunday was Duke assistant coach Chris Carrawell, whose son, Caleb Stone-Carrawell, was a teammate and friend of Hampton’s.

Carrawell had some comments you can read here but here’s a brief excerpt:

“You could tell at the beginning, they were probably a little emotional, in shock, so to speak. Which is, wow, you’re 16, 17-years-old, and you go through what you saw on the court less than 24 hours ago. For them to shake it off and respond and come away with a big win: You can already tell, (James) is … looking out for them. …

“Those kids, I give them all the credit. They could have not played, and everybody would have been OK with it. Nobody would have said anything. They played for that kid because that kid would have wanted them to play.”

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