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NBA Draft: All Mock Drafts Prove Is That No One Knows Anything

They’re all over the place.

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NCAA Basketball: Elon University at Duke
Trevon Duval (left) and Gary Trent Jr. (right) are having a hard time figuring out what their NBA future is going to be.
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And that’s putting it lightly. It’s almost impossible to know what anyone is thinking but you have to consider a few things, starting with smart teams and GMs.

There aren’t that many. The smartest teams, clearly, are San Antonio, Golden State (both San Antonio and Golden State have killed it with second round picks), Houston and Boston. Chicago GM John Paxson is a really smart guy. We’re not sold on new Charlotte GM Mitch Kupchak, but he worked with Jerry West for a really long time and should have learned a thing or two. Utah has been a very well run franchise for basically forever and Philly now has Brian Colangelo, son of Jerry, and he’s done a really fine job so far even though he’s new and relatively young.

Miami has Pat Riley who has always been a pretty brilliant character and Indiana pulled off something remarkable in the Paul George trade, so they’re probably right there too.

Then there are the guys who are issues for their current teams and who could become significant trade bait.

Obviously Kawhi Leonard is on that list and now, apparently, Karl-Anthony Towns is too.

If he’s on the block that could change everything. You could bundle him and whatever else Phoenix extorts and come away with the #1 pick which would probably be DeAndre Ayton. Boston, as we have said previously, has formidable assets and a chance to get Towns would be hard to resist.

That’s a trade that could shake up the draft for some time to come - and put Boston on a completely different level.

Or maybe San Antonio and Minnesota work out their own deal.

Who knows?

No one! Which makes the mock drafts and speculate ideas so much fun.

ESPN (Only the lottery teams listed without subscription):

  • Marvin Bagley - #3 to Atlanta
  • Wendell Carter - #6 to Orlando

The Ringer:

  • Marvin Bagley - #6 to Orlando
  • Wendell Carter - #10 to Philly
  • Grayson Allen - #38 Philly
  • Gary Trent - #48 Minnesota

  • Marvin Bagley - #3 to Atlanta
  • Wendell Carter - #6 to Orlando
  • Gary Trent - #21 to Utah
  • Trevon Duval - #30 to Atlanta
  • Grayson Allen - #35 to Orlando

  • Marvin Bagley - #4 to Memphis
  • Wendell Carter - #6 to Orlando
  • Grayson Allen - #35 to Orlando
  • Trevon Duval - #49 to San Antonio
  • Gary Trent - #51 to New Orleans

USA Today:

  • Marvin Bagley - #3 to Atlanta
  • Wendell Carter - #8 to Chicago
  • Grayson Allen #30 to Atlanta (first round only)

  • Marvin Bagley - #4 to Memphis
  • Wendell Carter - #9 to New York

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