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Romeo Langford - FBI Investigation Ruled Out KU

An interesting revelation from the Langford family

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Sports: Romeo Langford
Apr 30, 2018; New Albany, IN, USA; New Albany High School senior Romeo Langford announces his decision to attend Indiana University to continue his basketball career. 

This probably isn’t the first recruit to have this reaction but we can’t think of anyone else off the top who pointed to the FBI investigation into college basketball as a reason to rule out a school. Well, Romeo Langford has - or at least his dad did.

When the most recent story came out, the Langfords dropped Kansas immediately, with the elder Langford saying that “...[I]n my mind, we just didn’t want him going there and anybody asking him that type of question. So we don’t want him going to school there. We don’t care how good the basketball is.”

Langford instead committed to Indiana where second-year coach and former State guard Archie Miller is doing a solid job of keeping talent home.

He’s also signed Damezi Anderson (South Bend) and Robert Phinisee (Lafayette) and appears to be on the way to fulfilling his pledge of putting a fence around the state.

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