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The ACC And Parrish’s Top 25 And One

Nothing will get easier in this most brutal of leagues.

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Basketball: Spalding Hoophall Classic
Cam Reddish will do a lot to keep Duke in the hunt this coming season.
Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

The off-season means a lot of time talking about recruiting, the draft and speculating about various pointless things like seeding next year’s tournament and pegging at Top 25 even when you don’t know who will be where.

It’s all fun and it’s something to do for hoopheads. So without further ado, here’s a look at Gary Parrish’s Top 25 (and one) as far as the ACC goes:

  • Duke: #2 - you probably already know that Duke has the #1, #2 and #3 ranked freshmen along with a highly promising point guard. Duke’s reloaded in a big way.
  • Virginia: #7 - Has everyone stopped snickering about UVA’s historic loss to #16 UMBC? We hope so. That’s not going to make Virginia any less of a pain in the ass. As a matter of fact, it may make them a bigger one.
  • UNC: #9 - As long as Roy William is in Chapel Hill, and the academic wheels don’t fall off again, UNC will be highly competitive.
  • Virginia Tech: #13 - Buzz Williams has built a solid program in Blacksburg. We admire how unselfish they are. There always seems to be a ceiling for them one way or another though but it may be higher this year than it has been lately.
  • Florida State: #14 - As bad as Virginia’s loss was, Florida State refusal to compete at the end against Michigan was arguably worse. Virginia took a beating but they didn’t quit trying. We lost a lot of respect for FSU after that. So whatever.
  • Clemson: #23 - A lot depends on the NBA draft here. Clemson’s guys seem likely to return and if so, it’s a solid group.
  • Syracuse: #26 - We’ll have to see. The wind down of Jim Boeheim’s career hasn’t been impressive but Tyus Battle, if he passes on the NBA (and that’s the smart thing for him to do) is tough and we were really impressed with Marek Dolezaj down the stretch. Plus we get mock Buddy Boeheim for a few years so good times there.

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