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A Nice Piece On Former Duke Player Lefty Driesell

Before Davidson, before Maryland and the rest of it, Lefty Driesell was a Blue Devil. He still is.

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Lefty Driesell
Former Duke star and Maryland coach Lefty Drieselld

Lefty Driesell became so identified with Maryland that people sometimes forget he played college ball at Duke.

He did though and went on from there to a spectacular career. Before he took the Maryland job he had Davidson playing incredibly well, far better than Davidson would do later with Stephen Curry.

Over at, Lewis Bowling has this look back at the lefthander’s life and career.

When he was at Maryland, the Cameron Crazies used to put on bald masks and paint gas gauges on their foreheads - pointed to empty, naturally.

When he came one year with a broken foot, they came with crutches.

It was the best sort of love-hate relationship. Maryland has never been nearly as much fun since he left.

One of the things that fascinates about Driesell, and we wish we knew more about this, is that his father was an immigrant jeweler from Germany. Given Lefty’s rich and spectacular Tidewater accent, we’d say he assimilated entirely. We always assumed he came from an old Norfolk family but clearly that’s not the case.

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