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Duke Basketball Recruiting: Some General Stuff

Some of it’s pretty interesting though. Mashburn Jr.?

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Ball rack Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Duke has offered 5-star guard RJ Hampton (2020), out of Little Elm Texas and he sounds interested:

“Duke’s one of my dream schools — I have a bunch of dream schools — but that’s one of them. Getting an offer from Coach K was great...He said I can be one of the greats. That means a lot coming from probably the best coach ever.”

There’s also a chance he could reclassify.

And this surprised us a little bit: Jamal Mashburn, Jr. says he’d like to hear from Duke: “One of my goals is to play with the best in the nation. Because, obviously, I want to be a pro. I want to hear from Duke, Kentucky, all the big name schools.”

His father of course played in the legendary 1992 game against Duke. His fouling out was a key turning point in that contest.

There’s no guarantee that he would accept a Duke offer obviously, but given the history of that game and the feeling it engendered in Kentucky fans, it’s amazing to consider the possibilities. It sounds like his dad will let him chart his own course, so it’s at least possible you could see Jamal Washburn (Jr.) in a Duke jersey.

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