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Duke Announces The 2018 Hall Of Fame Class

Led by Elton Brand and the Landlord.

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Elton Brand
Elton Brand when he was a Blue Devil

Duke announced its 2018 Hall of Fame class Thursday and it’s a good one: Elton Brand, Shelden Williams, Bob Harris, Lindsey Harding, Katie Chrest Erbe, Candy Hannemann, Ryan Jackson and Randy Jones.

We obviously know the first four best - Elton Brand was a completely different player than Duke had seen before (or really since). Shelden Williams, aka the Landlord, was a tremendous shotblocker; every time he took one out the Crazies would yell “pay your rent!”

Lindsay Harris was a superb point guard for the women’s team while Bob Harris was one of the ACC’s great announcers.

Erbe is the first women’s lacrosse player to be inducted while Hannemann was a golfer. Jones played baseball and Jackson ran track and played football.

There’s one play that Brand had in college that we’ll never forget: Virginia had a 7-4 stiff named Chase Metheney. He wasn’t very good but he was 7-4 and you can’t fake that.

Brand got the ball on the right side of the basket near the band and sized Metheny up. You could almost hear him think “I can take this guy!”

So he took off and headed in and went up to dunk it in Metheney’s face.

Did we mention the guy is 7-4?

Brand went up and thin though he was, Metheny went up with him and caught the ball at the peak. Brand, who was incredibly strong, tried to push through but Metheny had more leverage and denied him.

Just watching him to decide he was going to climb that mountain though - and it happened in a heartbeat - was incredible.

Too bad he couldn’t try that on the Landlord.

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