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More NCAA Inanity

This is what happens when committees compromise on language and common sense is left behind.

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basketball official Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a good example of some NCAA stupidity: the recruiting scene is currently in Dallas (okay, Irving) for Nike EYBL.

So the NCAA has agents there to make sure that coaches and players don't engage in “any dialogue in excess of an exchange of greeting.”

That’s inane to the point of being nearly Pythonesque. You can almost imagine John Cleese pompously explaining to someone that “you are not allowed to talk, chat, wink, nod, smile, gesticulate, congregate, or otherwise acknowledge any sentient human being over the age of 22 who happens to be in the employ of any college, school or university purporting to or in fact maintaining a competitive enterprise involving a round ball and/ or a hoop. Furthermore, if that representative of said college, school or university...”

Actually, that sounds better than most NCAA rules.

It’s just nuts that everyone has to pretend not to know each other when, if we’re not mistaken, they can all go back to wherever they’re staying and text each other freely.

Maybe the Rice Commission could have taken this up too. You can make a very good argument that it’s much better for young players to get to know their prospective coaches than it is to keep them apart.

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