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Jeff Capel’s Next Recruiting Target

Clearly he’s not settling for recruiting leftovers.

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Baylor v Oklahoma
New Pitt coach Jeff Capel is working hard to get talent on campus.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

When Pitt joined the ACC, Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News said that Pitt was going to decline because the ACC would make it harder to recruit New York and the Northeast as Jamie Dixon did, and he was more or less correct about that.

However, he didn’t imagine an alternative and now that Jeff Capel has the job, he’s clearly not limiting himself to Dixon’s previous territory.

There are some precedents for this, not least of all Indiana. By the time Bob Knight departed, his recruiting territory was mostly limited to Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan. That won’t be the case with Archie Miller.

In Capel’s case, he’s already established himself in Tornado Alley and the southern states, and he’s certainly working those.

Latest target: 4-star Alabamian guard Kira Lewis, and Lewis seems impressed.

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