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Duke Basketball Recruiting: Tre Jones Is An Arresting Talent At Point Guard

We had some idea what to expect, but watch the video on this link. He’s gotten a lot better in a big hurry.

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High School Basketball: McDonalds High School All American Games
Mar 28, 2018; Atlanta, GA, USA; McDonalds All-American West guard Tre Jones (0) celebrates a victory against the East in the McDonalds High School All American Game at Philips Arena.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

For some of us, former Blue Devil Tyus Jones was a once in a lifetime player. You can have the dunkers and the sprinters. A guy who has a feel for the game like he does is unbelievably rare. Watching him play was a sublime pleasure.

Yet the one criticism of Jones was that he didn’t have blinding physical talent, not that it has mattered much: he has an NCAA title and is a respected professional.

Which brings us to his brother Tre and this article which, for a Duke fan, is a must read.

For one, it’s the first time that we heard that Jones and Cam Reddish wanted to play together. You might call this a soft package deal, but they will play together this fall at Duke.

And second, check out what Reddish and Zion Williamson have to say about Jones. Coach K will give him the keys to be sure, but his classmates already understand that Jones is going to be driving the car. That’s important.

This is a great read but don’t miss the video.

It’s hard to imagine that he’ll be a better point guard than his brother but on the other hand, he does things here that Tyus will never be able to do.

He’s far ahead of most of the kids on this mixtape and looks, frankly, like an NBA level talent. As highly as we think of Tyus, he couldn’t be on the receiving end of an alley oop dunk and he didn’t block many shots. Tre’s physical gifts are significantly better - already - than what Tyus has.

If he has even part of his brother’s genius for doing the right thing at the right time (we’re not kidding about the genius part. That guy’s basketball IQ is off the charts), he’s going to be a monster.

Watch the video and you’ll get a sense of why Reddish, Williamson and RJ Barrett are excited to play with this guy. He’s a natural born killer at point guard and he’s going to make those guys look even better than they already are. And that’s saying a lot because they’re all three pretty damn good already.

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