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Hey Pitt! Here’s Your Anti-Stallings

We have the perfect guy for Pitt’s vacancy.

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Purdue v Pittsburgh
PITTSBURGH, PA - DECEMBER 01: Pitt students cheer during the game against the Purdue Boilermakers at Petersen Events Center on December 1, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

It didn't take long for Pitt to can Kevin Stallings. it’s fair to say it can’t get much worse than 0-19 and library conditions in the gym.

Fair enough.

But what now?

Over at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Paul Zeise says they’ll have to pay up to get a good coach (mostly true) and Craig Meyer tosses out an interesting list of 11 candidates, some a bit outside of the box.

Thad Matta and Tom Crean would probably do okay though they’d come with detractors. We sincerely hope they don’t take UVA assistant Ron Sanchez - one Virginia is enough for any conference. A Pitt-UVA game might end up 21-20.

Hey Pitt, we hear Rick Pitino is looking. Give him a call!

That of course, even now, would mean big bucks. But Pitt doesn’t have to pay big bucks.

If it were us, we’d look at the top 20 assistant in the U.S. and find our guy. You’re not going to get Dan Hurley unless you back up the truck, anymore than you’ll get Gregg Marshall. Not happening.

You can get a retread, which is pretty much was Stalling was, but you probably won’t get a serious talent either and certainly not a rising star.

But if you look carefully at assistants, there are talented guys there. You could conceivably find a Roy Williams, a Brad Stevens or a Tom Izzo.

If it were us, we’d want a young assistant who has been around big-time basketball. Ideally, we’d want a guy who could go into a house in Lake Forest or a project in Philly and be welcome and comfortable in either place.

You’d want a guy who has shown he knows how to lead and who has a certain charisma, who can charm parents and media alike.

There are probably a few guys who fit that bill, but if it’s us, we’d head straight to Marquette and make our pitch to Steve Wojciechowski’s assistant Chris Carrawell.

Carrawell is an absolute winner. We have immense respect for his acumen and his intelligence. He knows the game.

The best thing about C-well though is...well, C-well. He’s incredibly charismatic. When he came to Duke from a tough St. Louis neighborhood, he never felt intimidated. Instead he felt at home. He loved the trees and the green. He immediately felt at home.

During media day his senior year, other guys came out first and were being interviewed. As soon as Carrawell came out, the entire horde shot his way. He sat back in his chair and just regaled the assembled. He was honest, funny, and deeply appealing.

When the reporters finished, several of them actually patted him on the back.

The first thing Pitt needs is to create a happy environment and Carrawell would do that. He’d win over the local media, the fans and, most importantly, his players. And we shouldn’t have to tell you that a man with a personality that confident and outgoing would be a devastating recruiter, even at Pitt.

They won’t do it, but he’d be an ideal fit.

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