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He’s Baaaaaaack! C-well Returns To Cameron

Chris Carrawell will take Jeff Capel’s place on the Duke bench.

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Nate James #14
Nate James and Chris Carrawell, once teammates at Duke, are now working together under Coach K.

You may have noticed over the last few days that we’re big Chris Carrawell fans. There’s a reason for that: the guy lights up the room. He’s blunt, funny, honest and totally himself. We just think the world of him.

So we were thrilled to see he’ll be leaving Wojo’s Marquette program to join the Duke staff after Jeff Capel moved over to Pitt.

He’s going to become a great recruiter. Not good. Great. We can’t imagine anyone not liking him and he’s going to charm the mothers like you won’t believe. And as Lefty Driesell always advised: always recruit the mom.

Our next thought was: well what about Nolan?

Nolan Smith was poised to move up at Duke and like C-Well, he’s a lively presence.

However, there are openings at Pitt and now Marquette. We’re pretty sure he’ll be working at one of those schools in a few days and will be out on the recruiting trail very soon.

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