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Bagley Declares For The NBA

Stop the presses! Just kidding. It’s the least surprising story in weeks.

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Duke v North Carolina
Marvin Bagley and Wendell Carter, shown here squeezing UNC’s Luke Maye for a loose ball, have now both declared for the NBA draft.
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Marvin Bagley has declared for the NBA draft. He’ll be, at the least, a top three pick and has a chance of going first.

He had a superb year at Duke and we’re sure he’ll be brilliant as a professional. Best of luck to him.

He leaves as a story is emerging suggesting that his family got rich from AAU basketball. We’ll say this: nothing much would surprise at this point, but he did attend class while he was at Duke, took no paper classes, and no one we’re aware of has alleged hookers were retained.

And secondly, if Marvin Bagley Jr. was paid for coaching his son in AAU ball, that’s a lot less egregious than the common NCAA practice of a school hiring a kid’s father as Kansas did with Ed Manning when Danny was a high school legend, and as first Washington and then Missouri, just 370 days ago, did for Michael Porter Sr. His appointment to both positions came shortly before his son (and sons in the case of Mizzou) committed.

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