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ACC Roundup - Clemson Roars, Bonzie’s Back And Pitt Hits 0-18

A fun night in the old ACC

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NCAA Basketball: Pittsburgh at Notre Dame
Is it us or has Bonzie Colson gained weight?
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The big news of the day?

Bonzie’s back.

Notre Dame has struggled mightily without Bonzie Colson but shown immense character. Now he’s back and had a nice first outing, scoring 12 points and grabbing nine rebounds and played 21 minutes, a shade more than coach Mike Brey had dared hope for.

It’s never easy coming back from an injury but if he can do well and stabilize the inside, the Irish could conceivably make a late run to try to make the NCAA tournament.

As for Pitt, three starters combined to shoot 3-22. The Panthers finished 22-66 which kind of underscores their problems.

By the way, Pitt is also the first team to finish 0-18 in ACC play.

What is it about Florida State that makes them fall apart in tight games year after year?

Happened again at Clemson. FSU could really have used that game and weren’t too far off either but down the stretch the ‘Noles just got stupid and made way too many mistakes. At times it’s like watching Wile E. Coyote because you know what’s going to happen and you know there’s almost no chance it won’t happen. That anvil is going to drop.

Even after Elijah fouled out late, with the game fairy close and leaving the inside wide open, FSU couldn’t take advantage. Instead of catching up, they watched the Tigers pull away. The Tigers have set a school record for ACC wins, at 11, and are playing with real confidence. This is not a team you want to see early in the tournament.

Syracuse has had trouble on offense all year - after losing to BC Wednesday night coach Jim Boeheim said that his bench wasn’t capable of scoring right now - but defense should be manageable.

Not against the Eagles: BC hit 51.9% from three point range.

As usual, almost all the points came from Ky Bowman (22), Jerome Robinson (23) and Jordan Chatman (18).

Nik Popovic, who was disastrously bad against Miami, came off the bench in this one for 11 points and six rebounds.

Luka Kraljevic had seven while starter Steffon Mitchell had four.

For Syracuse, the loss to BC - dramatically improved but still mediocre - hurts. The Orange are now 7-10 in the ACC and 18-12 overall.

It’s time to ask how the move to the ACC has worked out for Syracuse. Not that great. They did make it to the Final Four two years ago, but that was a major surprise.

Since finishing their first ACC season at 28-6, the ‘Cuse has finished 18-13, 23-14, 19-15 and 18-12.

It’s not Pitt or BC (prior to this season) bad but it’s not what Syracuse fans are used to either.

How long before people start hinting it’s time for Boeheim to step aside?

The other funny thing to us is that not too long ago various people were suggesting that the old ACC powers were going to have to adjust. Well, yes they have.

To Virginia.

And maybe soon to NC State.

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