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Duke Falls In Chapel Hill

But for a lot of Duke fans, this game isn’t what it once was.

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NCAA Basketball: Duke at North Carolina
Feb 8, 2018; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Grayson Allen (3) and North Carolina Tar Heels guard Joel Berry II (2) walk off the floor after the game. The Tar Heels defeated the Blue Devils at Dean E. Smith Center. 
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

UNC beat Duke 82-78 in Chapel Hill Thursday night.

As we've said for some time now, experience has a real advantage over raw talent. UNC showed more cohesion and played better overall and deserved to win on merit.

But for a lot of us, the pleasure and passion has drained right out of this rivalry. After learning that our rivals cheated for nearly 20 years, it’s just not the same. We didn’t look forward to playing them, and while we certainly didn’t enjoy losing, winning wouldn’t have had the same pleasure it once did.

The only part of this game that concerns us is that Duke’s education is proving difficult. The cohesion, the communication, the esprit de corps that has always defined Duke isn’t what it should be.

That said, at least Duke’s kids go to class.

We know we have to keep playing them but honestly, if they weren’t on the schedule anymore, that’d be fine. It’s just not fun anymore.

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