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Scandal Update - Arizona’s Situation Grows Murkier

The situation hasn’t gotten any clearer since this weekend’s bombshell.

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NCAA Basketball: Oregon at Arizona
Jan 13, 2018; Tucson, AZ, USA; Arizona Wildcats head coach Sean Miller calls to his players during the second half against the Oregon Ducks at McKale Center. 
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve read here for a while you know we’ve periodically called Greg Hansen of Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star the Worst Columnist In America (we may have said that about Gregg Doyel too. If not, we meant to).

We say this because a long time ago, Hansen got into a fight with another local writer, Corky Calhoun. Hansen insulted Calhoun, who then accused Hansen of making something up about a particularly intense Arizona-UNLV game back when Tark and Midnight Luther (Tark’s name for Lute Olson) were still in their glory days.

We don’t remember all the details now but it ended up with death threats from tough guys in Vegas (on threatened to stuff a cactus down someone’s throat and the rivalry being put on ice for a while. It never really recovered.

And Hansen, if memory serves, was suspended. As we say, it’s been a while so the details are a bit blurry.

The point is that he was evidently willing to jump in and stir the pot.

We don’t know if he is doing that again, but, well, he has a history.

Now Hansen has a piece up about the whole mess at Arizona basically saying it’s lawyers vs. lawyers and that, at least, sounds about right.

He’s notably backed off of his incendiary rhetoric of a few days ago, all of which underscores the basic point that no one outside of a very small circle really knows what the hell is going on.

Whatever else has happened, Miller is not currently with the team. He didn’t coach at Oregon State, didn’t fly back with the team and hasn’t been at practice.

Again, make of it what you will.

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