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This Man Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

Help get him there.

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Lefty Driesell
Lefty Driesell should be in the Hall of Fame. Help get him there.

When people are locked into competitive furor, it’s hard to see past it sometimes. That was especially the case with Lefty Driesell, who was incredibly charismatic at Maryland.

A star at Duke, Driesell had (and still has) a folksy charm and an ability to engage almost anyone. He also had a Steve Spurrier-like ability to piss people off and didn’t really mind making enemies. At one meeting of ACC coaches, Dean Smith left the room and Driesell reportedly said to the rest “we gotta get that guy.”

He even aggravated people at Duke who got to where they couldn't stand him even though he played there.

Time changes things though and today ACC fans miss him and look back fondly on his time with the Terps.

And with the passing of time it’s become clear to us that Driesell really belongs in the Hall of Fame and that his not being there is, frankly, an injustice.

So we thought we’d start a petition to that effect.

We’d ask Duke and ACC fans and college basketball fans in general to sign it and pass it on to your friends. Lefty is a deserving nominee and we’d like to see him make it while he can still appreciate it.

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