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Cautious Kentucky Criticism Starts

Losing is making the natives restless

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NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Auburn
Feb 14, 2018; Auburn, AL, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari signals a play during the first half against the Auburn Tigers at Auburn Arena. The Tigers beat the Wildcats 76-66.
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Over at the Louisville Courier-Journal, Tim Sullivan posted this article about John Calipari’s recruiting plan as Kentucky slumps closer towards bubble status. The best part here is that after making it clear that Kentucky is THE GREATEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD he then asks this somewhat plaintive question: “[y]et it’s worth asking whether John Calipari’s formula needs to be adjusted now that Duke dominates one-and-done recruiting.“

Criticizing Kentucky basketball is a tricky thing in the Commonwealth. It has to be done carefully until the feeling is unanimous. And by then it’s over.

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