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Potentially Huge And Devastating News

Pay attention to this...

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Duke v Notre Dame
Coach K and Mike Brey are two guys you can reasonably expect not to turn up on this list.

You have to read down a bit but we promise it’s worth it because there’s a potential bombshell in here. Check it out:

“Regardless what happens with the criminal cases, sources with knowledge of the FBI investigation told ESPN this week that the clandestine probe could result in potential NCAA violations for as many as three dozen Division I programs, based on information included in wiretap conversations from the defendants and financial records, emails and cell phone records seized from NBA agent Andy Miller. His office was raided on the same day the FBI arrested 10 men, including four assistant coaches, in late September.

”’It’s not the mid-major programs who were trying to buy players to get to the top,’ a source told ESPN. ‘It’s the teams that are already there.’”

Basically that sounds pretty much like a good chunk of the Power Five Conferences and maybe some A-10 and AAC and C-USA for good measure. What happens if that many teams are ruled ineligible for the same tournament?

It’d be easier to list the people who would shock us rather than to compile who we’d suspect, so here’s a partial list of guys we don’t think will be involved. Just because we didn’t list someone here doesn't mean anything. This is just off the top:

  • Coach K
  • Tom Izzo
  • Bobby Hurley
  • Danny Hurley (their dad would kill them)
  • Bruce Weber (if he cheats he’s not doing it very well).
  • Tony Bennett
  • Chris Mack
  • Mike Brey
  • Wojo
  • Chris Collins
  • Mark Few
  • Fran Dunphy

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