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Mrs. K’s Mom Passes Away

It’s not quite as difficult to let go of a parent who has lived a full and lovely life but it’s never easy to lose your mom.

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 Dove in flight Photo by: Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

Discerning fans have noticed recently that Mickie Krzyzewski, a staple at Cameron, has been absent recently.

It’s not the sort of thing we would ever speculate on but naturally we wondered and were concerned and now sadly we know why.

Her mother passed away on Thursday, no doubt putting the Duke-UNC game into a very different perspective for the family. It must have been difficult for Coach K to go to work and focus on the game when his wife and family were dealing with great sorrow but he has always had a ferocious ability to focus and we’d guess they would urge him to go and do his damndest.

Someone - we assume Mickie but of course it could have been someone else in the family - wrote a lovely obituary of her mother Margie Lee Marsh. It’s really well done - love, pride and wit throughout.

Hardly anyone wants to leave this sweet world but we all have to eventually. We should all be so lucky as to have this much love and respect when we do depart.

All best wishes and condolences to Mickie and her family.

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