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Could Duke Go Undefeated In The ACC?

Well it could happen but don’t hold your breath

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NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Duke
 Dec 20, 2018; New York, NY, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Jack White (41) reacts in the second half of the Ameritas Insurance Classic against the Texas Tech Red Raiders at Madison Square Garden. 
Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

This kind of article comes up whenever there’s a good team and we posed a similar question about Furman and Buffalo.

It’s probably more likely in another conference and it’s not just that the ACC is really good.

It’s that the ACC has always ganged up on whoever’s best. So if it turns out to be Duke, everyone will want to beat the crap out of Duke and there are no nights off.

Playing UNC and Virginia twice each doesn’t make it any easier but it doesn’t matter. Whichever ACC team is the hunted favorite has to be up for every single game. It’s nearly impossible to do.

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