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YouTube Gold: 1988 McDonald’s Game

With a future Duke great who barely got mentioned

Duke University Blue Devils
In 1988, Keith Jackson couldn’t even pronounce Christian Laettner’s name correctly.

This video of the 1988 McDonald’s game is really interesting on several levels. First and as always how many of these guys are simply forgotten. Matt Steigenga won the dunk contest.

Second, there’s a much younger Bob Hurley coaching the East a couple of years before his son Bobby played in the game.

Third, Indiana recruit Eric Anderson, who died one week ago, is on the roster.

And fourth, Duke recruit Crawford Palmer started and fifth there’s another Duke recruit who comes off the bench who Keith Jackson calls “Lattner.”

People soon learned to pronounce Christian Laettner’s name correctly, then to fear it and he became the most memorable college player from this game.