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Duke-UNC Gets Pretty Personal For Two Players

This would be simultaneously a bit disconcerting and very cool.

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Duke v Baylor
WACO, TX - SEPTEMBER 15: Johnathan Lloyd #5 of the Duke Blue Devils celebrates after scoring a touchdown with teammate Christian Harris #70 against the Baylor Bears during the first half of a football game at McLane Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Waco, Texas.
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Duke-UNC rivalry is personal for many people in the Triangle but not always as much for the guys in the games.

In this year’s football matchup though there’s a game within the game worth watching as Duke’s left tackle, Christian Harris, will see former high school teammate and current UNC defensive end Tomon Fox, up close and, well, personal.

That’s how Fox says he’s approaching it: “I’m about to text him tonight. I’m just going to let him know I’m coming, and I’m back, and to be scared.”

He’s joking, sort of. What must it be like for these guys to both have moved to this level and to encounter each other?

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