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Kentucky Beats D-II Opponent In Exhibition As Attention Turns To Duke

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State Farm Champions Classic Kentucky v Duke
Yes it’s that time again - Duke-Kentucky
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Kentucky had its final exhibition Friday, defeating Indiana University of Pennsylvania 88-64. In case you’re wondering, it’s in Indiana County, incidentally.

Kentucky is a big team and they’re going to try to play what they’re calling “punk basketball” and essentially just overpower teams. They might want to research the origin of the word punk because we’re pretty sure they’re getting it exactly wrong.

At any rate, it’ll make for an interesting contrast: Kentucky is going a bit old school while Duke is pursuing a more cutting edge offense with a team full of guys who can drive, pass and shoot.

To an extent we agree with Calipari: there is a place in the game still for power. Just wait until the next Shaquille shows up and shoots 70% while three point gunners are shooting 35-40%.

There’s no Shaq around right now of course, and certainly not at UK. Doesn’t mean that their plan won’t work better than Duke’s, not least of all because the Wildcats have a major advantage when it comes to experience.

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