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A Word For Our Indiana Friends

Hang in there. Better times are coming.

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Maryland v Indiana
BLOOMINGTON, IN - MARCH 6: Yogi Ferrell #11 of the Indiana Hoosiers addresses fans on senior day following the game against the Maryland Terrapins at Assembly Hall on March 6, 2016 in Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana defeated Maryland 80-62.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Dear Hoosiers:

Last night Duke beat the crap out of your team. We’re not going to pretend to feel bad about it - we loved it to be honest - but we did think about you guys during and after the beatdown.

We’d like to say this to you.

We know it’s shaping up to be a tough year. The Archie Miller era is still booting up and that’s compounded by injuries.

Have faith in the guy. He’s going to get Indiana back to the top tier of college basketball so be patient. It won't take all that long.

Second, we admire how well you travel even though a beatdown was all but certain. You guys follow your team and are endlessly loyal. It’s a good example for us.

Third, seeing you guys here, posing for pictures in Cameron, roaming around in the sweatshirts and the pajama style was nice. And here’s why it was nice.

When we went to the Final Four in Indianapolis, Hoosiers everywhere were the best, most hospitable people we could possibly have imagined. Rick Majerus said that Mormons were the “best goddamn people in the world.” We wouldn't argue with the late great coach but we’d put our money on you guys.

We know it’s been a painful stretch for IU fans, but we think that Indiana basketball still means something and furthermore, we think Archie is going to remind people of that fairly soon.

We’d like to see Indiana basketball once again be what it was always meant to be: virtuous basketball played the right way by kids who love and understand the game and appreciated by knowledgeable and eminently decent fans.

We look forward to our next contest when we expect Indiana to be vastly improved and to once again reflect the glorious state-wide take on the game which gave this state Everett Case, Vic Bubas and, later, former Knight assistant Mike Krzyzewski.

Thanks for everything you've given to the game. Hang in there and see you soon. Thanks again for being such great examples.


Duke fans

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