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Future Memphis Tiger DJ Jeffries has Kentucky fans hopping mad.

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NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament Championship-Tennessee vs Kentucky
These people are going to be looking for a chance to get even with Memphis Tiger signee DJ Jeffries after what he said about Kentucky basketball.
Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Former Kentucky commit DJ Jeffries, who bailed on the Wildcats for Memphis, is probably 17, maybe 16, so to an extent he can be forgiven for saying stupid things. In this case though, if Memphis and Kentucky run into each other, like say by some purely coincidental scheduling by the NCAA Selection Committee, he may wish he hadn't said this about UK:

“Just know if we ever play them it’s going to be the same result as Duke.”

Geez, kid, tell us how you really feel.

On the other hand, Duke fans should be happy he’s saying stuff like this. A few more such bombs and Memphis may replace Duke and Louisville as the most hated rivals for Kentucky fans.

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