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YouTube Gold: Duke-Indiana 1992

Mike Krzyzewski’s Final Four matchup with his mentor Bob Knight and his Indiana Hoosiers.

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Duke V Indiana
Marty Clark gets down and dirty against Indiana in the 1992 Final Four.

There was a time when Duke and Indiana rarely played. The two bluebloods still rarely play but between Final Four matchups and ACC-Big Ten Challenges over the years, they’ve played reasonably often, including last year and this year too.

So in celebration of both programs, which have mostly done things the right way, here’s the 1992 Final Four matchup as Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski began to eclipse his difficult mentor, Bob Knight. The two legends didn’t speak for a while but when Coach K went into the Hall of Fame, Knight presented him.

Anyway, this was a tense and excellent game.

You’ll notice the picture with the article is of Marty Clark. We googled him and found news that was distressing and encouraging at the same time.

Marty at some point realized that he had become an alcoholic. This article is undated so we don’t know anything more than what he has to say here. We certainly hope he is maintaining his sobriety and we know all Duke fans and people of goodwill everywhere are pulling for him to continue his path forward. We admired him tremendously at Duke and wish him nothing but the best.

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