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DBR Podcast Crew Is Back With Season Predictions!

Get ‘em while they’re hot

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Kansas vs Duke
Mar 23, 2018; Omaha, NE, USA; Duke Blue Devils center Marques Bolden (20) reacts after a play against the Kansas Jayhawks in the semifinals of the Midwest regional of the 2018 NCAA Tournament at CenturyLink Center.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The season is upon us! Listen to the guys make predictions about what will happen and hear their thoughts on the upcoming game against Kentucky.

  • 0:00 Time for some predictions… brought to you by Byrd Campbell
  • 0:30 We are time travelers, recording in the past to make predictions about the future
  • 2:50 It is the prediction episode, Sam’s favorite time of the year
  • 3:55 We begin with our guess at who will score the most points this season
  • 5:10 Most rebounds… we are all in on Zion
  • 5:40 Most blocked shots, Donald goes out on a limb
  • 6:45 Most assists, like there is any choice other than Tre here
  • 7:15 Most steals, which gets us into a short discussion of Duke’s D will be like
  • 8:45 Field Goal percentage, we finally have truly different opinions
  • 10:10 Highest 3 point percentage and total 3 pointers made
  • 12:00 How many games will Duke win this season… time for us to be wildly optimistic
  • 13:30 True road wins, Jason did some research
  • 15:45 How many ACC teams will make the NCAA tourney?
  • 17:20 Sam introduces some fun categories: Total number of slam dunks for Zion Williamson
  • 19:35 We guess at Jack White’s total minutes played this year which gets us into a conversation about the depth and rotation
  • 22:05 Donald’s favorite category - How many times will Duke score 100+ points in a game?
  • 23:00 How many times will Duke have a 30 point scorer in a game this season? Our guesses will shock you!
  • 24:35 How many combined points per game for RJ + Zion, Donald goes insane.
  • 26:00 Last category—how many total 3-pointers will Marquis Bolden make this season? Jason talks himself into a stupid answer.
  • 29:00 We get some predictions from our two sponsors, Byrd Campbell and
  • 32:20 We preview the big game with Kentucky, Donald starts with a look at what Kentucky will do on the perimeter
  • 34:55 Jason talks about the Kentucky big men, the strength of their team
  • 38:20 Sam is interested in seeing how Duke plays D in this game
  • 40:00 Donald makes a crazy bold prediction about the game… overtime!
  • 41:25 Sam says goodbye and urges you to email us at

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