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The ACC’s Bomb Squad

The best returning three point shooters in the league

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Florida A&M v Miami
 MIAMI, FL - NOVEMBER 16: Dejan Vasiljevic #1 of the Miami Hurricanes shoots a jumpshot during the second half against the Miami Hurricanes at The BankUnited Center on November 16, 2017 in Miami, Florida.
Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

A few things are immediately apparent when you peruse a list of the best returning ACC 3-point shooters.

For one thing, none of the 2017 leaders returned to the top 10.

For another, UNC and Virginia Tech each have two of the top returning bombardiers. The Tar Heels boast Luke Maye and Kenny Williams, both seniors this year. The Hokie sharpshooters are Ahmed Hill and Justin Robinson, a grad student and a senior.

Yet another point worth noting – well, fun to note, anyway – is that two of the top 10 bonusphere aces are best known by initials rather than their first names: D.J. Vasiljevic of Miami and Notre Dame’s T.J. Gibbs. Vasiljevic was the official ACC leader from long distance by making a pair of threes per game.

Jordan Chatman’s name jumps out on this roster. He was among 11 players in 2018, including those no longer in the league, who tried at least 200 threes. He and Ky Bowman (221) give Boston College one of two pairs of returnees who shot so prolifically, along with Syracuse’s Tyus Battle (240) and Frank Howard (204).

And Chatman is the sole shooter among the top 10 coming back who both broke the 200-try barrier and made at least 39.5 percent of his 3-pointers.

BC finished the ’18 season ranked 10th in the ACC in 3-point accuracy in all games, fifth in league play with Bowman, Chatman and NBA first-rounder Jerome Robinson leading the way. Syracuse was last in all games, 12th in the ACC.

Don’t miss Markell Johnson, either. The NC State guard quietly led the league in assists, was fifth in steals and fifth-best making threes among returnees with frequent fires.

Best 3-Point Shooters From 2018 Among Returning ACC
Regulars, Minimum One Made Per Game Played
(Asterisk Indicates Among Official ACC Leaders)
3 Pct. Player, School 3A-3M
.432 Devon Hall, V 57-132
.431 Luke Maye, NC 50-116
.411 Dejan (D.J.) Vasiljevic, Mi* 67-163
.410 Ahmed Hill, VT 64-156
.409 Markell Johnson, NS 27-66
.408 Ryan McMahon, UL 42-103
.403 Temple (T.J.) Gibbs, ND* 81-201
.402 Kenny Williams, NC 72-179
.398 Justin Robinson, VT 51-128
.395 Jordan Chatman, C* 87-220

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