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Cherokee Parks Update

Former Duke big man is doing worthy things in his post-athletic life

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Tattoo detail
Victory for Cherokee Parks took a while and he paid a cost for it but in the end victory is his, and not just on his arm.

We linked to this story in June about how Cherokee Parks, perhaps Duke’s least conventional player in the Krzyzewski era, longed for a conventional life. He was born to hippy parents and the thing we remember most was his looking out a team bus window at people heading off to work and wishing he was one of them.

He is now, and is working for the NBA. He’s been in the basketball-mad Philippines for Jr. NBA activities (how mad? Check out the photo caption) and is also taking the opportunity to talk about athletes and depression.

Who better?

He had immense physical talents but his fundamental unhappiness knocked his life sideways as a young adult. We’re so happy he is in a better place today and good for him for talking to young athletes (and everyone else) about the challenges depression poses.

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