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A Campus Perspective On Ferris State’s Loss To Duke

From the student newspaper

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NCAA Basketball: Champions Classic-Duke vs Michigan State Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a look at the Ferris State game from the school’s student paper.

As we were saying leading up to the game, they were very confident and clearly thought they could pull off a shocking upset and if you’re going to to do that, confidence is absolutely essential. Well, they had that in spades with coach Andy Bronkema saying that “[w]e came in thinking we were going to set some records [but] it looked like for a while there, a 100-point loss was going to be the record.”

We wouldn’t worry too much about that one if we were Ferris State. Bronkema is young and has proved he can coach. He’s also very likable and relaxed.

The bigger worry is how much longer they can keep him. He’s been successful young coach, he has an engaging personality, and soon enough bigger schools are going to look at him and try to hire him away.

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