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Don’t Sleep On Ferris State

There’s no question who’s favored but these guys strike us as being fairly fearless. They seem loose and confident.

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Louisville v Duke
DURHAM, NC - FEBRUARY 21: Deng Adel #22 of the Louisville Cardinals drives past Jack White #41 of the Duke Blue Devils during their game at Cameron Indoor Stadium on February 21, 2018 in Durham, North Carolina. Duke won 82-56.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

For anyone who’s ever watched Rocky, there’s a great scene where Rocky is on TV from a slaughterhouse explaining how he’s training by punching sides of beef. As he’s punching, Apollo Creed’s trainer, played by Tony Burton is watching and says “ Hey, champ, you oughta come and look at this boy you’re gonna fight on TV. It looks like he means business.”

Apollo, on the phone and distracted replies “Yeah, yeah. I mean business too.”

Duke has been upset over the years, but never because Coach K was as complacent as Apollo Creed.

That said, it’s clear, even from Durham, that in Grand Rapids, the Ferris State Bulldogs think they can win.

Coach Andy Bronkema: “We’re not trying to hold back any excitement; I’m good with being excited. Zion [Williamson] probably going to have a few dunks on us, but what if we dunk on Zion? I got a lot of guys who can high fly.

”Some sort of storyline is going to come from this game and we want to compete and compete hard and see what happens.”

Here’s one: an older, more experienced team flusters four freshmen and makes it a game. Likely?

Not many would bet on it.


Damn right it’s possible.

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